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The NECRON Binding Element Manufacturing and Distribution Kft. is a family enterprise founded in 1995. Our firm is engaged primarily in the wholesale trading and supply, as well as manufacturing of binding elements and screws for the mechanical engineering in Budapest. Thanks to our successful business activity conducted for several years, we work already today as a highlighted supplier of several domestic and foreign assembly shops (for road and railway), of companies manufacturing mechanical engineering and electronic devices and electric equipment.  

From our supply we can deliver from stock on hand or with short deadline nearly 70 000 sorts of product (hexagonal bolts, metric screws, bolts with inner key opening, washers, nuts, wood screws, sheet screws, rivets, dowels, pop rivets, construction engineering products) and in addition to the customary binding elements meeting the standards (DIN-, ISO and MSZ) we also undertake to produce special screws, nuts, washers, rivets and components on the basis of technical drawings or designs, in the quality of 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, acid-proof and stainless A2 and A4, plastic substance, brass and aluminium.  

Along with this we carry on wholesaling activity where we satisfy the demands of screw selling shops, do-it-yourself stores and screw merchants from our tremendous screws and binding elements assortment. The commercial centre of our enterprise can be found at Budapest, 13th District, Szabolcs street No. 8.


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You can search in our Screw Catalogue according to DIN-, ISO-, NCN (Necron) standards. Select the standard appertaining to the number sought for by you, and then type the number in the empty box, if you are ready press the KERES (search) button.
Screws according to product groups
Socket products
Hexagon Cap screws
Insert nuts, Riveting nuts, welding nuts
Mushroom head, Eye bolts, Special head bolts
Machine screws
Special products
Pins, Rivets, Blind rivets
Self-tapping, Self-drilling, Thread forming screws
Threaded rods and Stud bolts
Anchors, General fixing, Special fixing
Screws according to use
Machine industry fasteners
Vehicle industrial fasteners
Building industrial fasteners
Structural fasteners
Wood industry fasteners
Electronic industry fasteners

Screws according to basic materials
Steel screws
Stainless steel products
Brass products
Aluminium products
Plastic screws
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